Materials: Bronze, Liver of Sulfur 

This  sculpture depicts the face of my father. Through his likeness I have created a symbol of any person who is working class or below the poverty line. The idea behind the piece is that often the hardest working people get little to no recognition, especially by way of sculpture. Traditionally, busts are used to depict romanticized historical figures and the upper class. This piece lifts working class people onto the same pedestal. However, the bronze has been left rough and with imperfections to emphasize the realness of the person depicted. Even though bronze sculpture is a revered art form, the rough quality of this piece will cause it to be overlooked, a parallel to real life. The pedestal it stands on is full of miscellaneous discarded objects to emphasize the throwaway mentality that capitalist countries have about those who are not middle class or above. The “trash pile” is also more noticeable than the bronze itself. The pedestal is very short and lightweight so that it can be carried and placed throughout the cities as a way to call attention to the issue, rather than placed in a gallery. I have placed the sculpture underneath the Washburn Fair Oaks Park statue of George Washington, because this park and its surrounding areas exemplify the manner in which working class people, especially people of color, are cast aside in favor of those with money.