I am an Illustrator and designer interested in creating narratives about human emotion and relationships. I have a BFA in Illustration, with an emphasis in animation, from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (December 2018).

Recently I have transitioned into mixed media. I am very interested in the history of visual storytelling in black American culture, specifically in the form of story quilts, and the rich encapsulation of history and culture that can be found in a single piece of cloth. Much of the history of one side of my family can be found in quilting and embroidery, while the history for the other has been passed down to and remains with me orally. I combine the two parts of my history in my mixed media embroidered works, which serve to explore modern multi-racial and intersectional identities. The combination of digital and traditional techniques to form one cohesive piece emphasizes the importance that history has had on shaping my identity and the way I see the world.

My goal as an artist is to work in children’s media, specifically to create a children’s educational program. I would like to continue to explore the black identity in my professional career as well as contribute to spaces in television and narrative for children to do so as well. I focus on bright colors, kid-friendly designs, and humor in my work to ensure that my message will reach a diverse audience and have a positive social impact.